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A global network dedicated to positively impact the future on and off earth.

About Space ConneX


To connect, collaborate and catalyze disruptive ideas, projects and actions that lead to solving humanities greatest challenges by 2030. To positively impact 1 Billion lives.


We envision a future in which humanity has expanded into the solar system, contributing products and services that will foster a better life for all humanity, inspiring the youth ,and fostering hope in a open-ended positive future for all mankind.

Why You Should Join Us

By joining SpaceConneX network and creating your own profile, you’re sending a signal to the world that you:

Are a future-minded leader who understands the current pace of technological change

Understand the importance of staying ahead of change by innovating quickly and constantly

Care about the future of humanity and the planet, and are committed to taking an active role in finding solutions to global challenges

Become a member and build immediate brand awareness for your cause.

ACCESS - To a global think tank dedicated to positively impact the future on and off earth.  

ASSOCIATION - You are associating with inventors, academics, entrepreneurs, investors, multi-nationals, governments and regulators who will help and support you. 

ACCOUNTABILITY - You are held accountable to discover, combine, build, test, adopt, deploy, scale and innovate tomorrow's future.

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